Carolyn Ridder Aspenson is a 40-something year-old woman, wife, mother and friend.  She spends her time writing and exercising, and mostly telling people how right she is all of the time.  Really, she is, it’s true.

Her wealth of life experience, and just enough knowledge about everything to be considered a royal pain in the butt has helped her become the happy and anal retentive person she is.

Carolyn has three kids, two dogs and a fantastic, incredibly hot husband who supports her unconditionally.  Her life is truly blessed.

She’s finished her first novel and is in the final re-writing stage.  She hopes to one day go the old fashioned route and have an agent and publisher magically happen upon her and love her work and then become famous.  Reality however, says she’ll probably self publish, and end up broke and unknown.  That’s okay, because at least her kids will know she wrote something and maybe someday, when miracles happen, they’ll decide they like to read and will read her stuff.  Hey, people can dream, right?