In my continued quest for the best way to market my book, I’ve read many blogs, seen many comments and found many websites that say, “POST FREE CHAPTERS”.  I’m all for getting my book out there, but here’s the thing, what if no one likes it? What if I do, and everyone is negative and I can’t figure out how to delete their comments fast enough?  What it I do and no one reads it?  What if? What if? What if?

There is, of course the reverse side of the what if syndrome, too.  What if I post it, and people love it and I become the next best selling author of the modern world? (If I’m going to dream, might as well be big, right?)  What if authors I admire, like Harlan Coben and Robert Crais want to hang with me (because they write insanely great stuff and are hot, too.  Hey, I’m only human!)? I can’t handle that pressure. Okay, so maybe I could handle THAT pressure, but it could get annoying.  Maybe.  A little.  I guess. 

There is so much fear and angst building up inside of me, pushing its way out, and really, seeping from my pores.  My writing is a statement of me, and everyone wants to be liked, so if my writing isn’t, does that mean I’m not?

Should I just go on anti-anxiety medicine and shut up already? I confess to being slightly neurotic and maybe a little crazy at times, but that’s because I’m a perfectionist and have a severe case of Type A personalityitis.  

It’s rough being me sometimes.